Frequently Asked Questions

Can this splice kit be used to connect individual landscape lights to the main run?

Yes, our connectors are perfect for when you have to fasten multiple conductors together in an irrigation system, they can also be used to wire any outdoor low-voltage underground wire application.

Can a total of 3 16 gauge wires be used per unit? If not are there bigger versions of this product?

Yes, a total of 3 #16 wires can be used per unit. If you have questions regarding approved wire combinations, please refer to our UL Approved Wire Combinations specifications sheet.

Do I need other tools to use this connector?

No, our connectors come to you ready to use so no additional tools are needed. No pre-twisting required or the need for a crimper.

What is the voltage rating of this item?

The voltage rating of this item is up to 600v.

What is included in 1 splice kit?

A single kit includes a deep skirt thermoplastic, high impact, UV-resistant Wire Connector tube prefilled with moisture-resistant red grease and a UL Listed IDEAL WireNut.

What is the temperature range of the high temp bentone grease?

The temperature range is 0°F to 450°F (-18°C to 232°C). To learn more about our sealant please see our High Temp Bentone Red Grease specification sheet.

Quality Design

Over time we have fine-tuned and developed the toughest connector to deliver our promise of a durable and long-lasting connection.

  • UV-resistant thermoplastic insulator tube
  • Field tested protective non-hardening sealant
  • Strain relief latch
  • Easy twist-on application
  • Corrosion, moisture-resistant and rust inhibiting properties
High Performance

Wade Connector waterproof splice kits are what you need to have a solid and reliable connection in your system. No matter what you need splices for, you should be able to rely on them to perform indefinitely without having to worry about moisture getting in and compromising the operation of your connections.

Whether you are setting up a new system, fixing a broken wire, or replacing your existing wire, our splice kit is what you need to get the job done correctly and reliably.