The family of Wade Connectors covers wide range of wire and combination of wire applications. From golf courses and landscape lighting, you will find a Wade Connector specially designed for your requirement, each color-coded for ease of recognition and selection. The tough thermoplastic shell, wire nut and field-tested red gel compound, protect against environmental extremes, resist chemical reaction from hydrocarbons, acids, water, salt spray, dirt, steam and oxidation. The special red gel will not dry out and contains special adhesive/cohesive properties as well as special corrosion and rust inhibitors and resists heat up to 550 degrees F.

All Wade Connectors come with IdealĀ® deepskirt, wide throat wire lock-nuts. This wire lock-nut, when embedded into the protective gel, provides superior di-electric flash-over protection. The IdealĀ® lock nut provided is UL Listed as a pressure type wire nut. It complies with federal specification W-S-610E, is UL 486C listed, CSA C22:lised, #188 certified, and rated at 105 degrees C and 221 degrees F to handle all branch circuits. The connectors are rated overall for Class 2, low voltage application. Local electrical codes apply. Our connectors are made in the U.S.A.

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